Underwater Detection

The USV (Powered By Marine Tensor) can automatically navigate to the designated operation site and complete underwater close-range detection, auto identification, and other missions by utilizing sonar scanning or releasing and controlling underwater devices (e.g., ROVs). The USV can be applied in underwater species distribution evaluation, aquaculture status monitoring, search and positioning of underwater objects (e.g., ghost gears), and underwater facility observation and evaluation.

Water Monitoring

The USV (Powered By Marine Tensor) will complete its patrol task in a certain area, as per the designated route and schedule. Coupled with the water quality monitoring and AI identification system, the USV can assist the operator in spotting abnormalities, such as illegal vessels, swimmers, pollution discharges or oil spills, changes in water quality, and underwater conditions. Optionally, the USV can complete water rescue missions if equipped with emergency rescue modules.

Virtual Environment

The USV (Powered By Marine Tensor) can navigate the designated route and detect both above-water and underwater terrain and objects. With the USVs advanced sensor suite and 3D digital restructuring engine, we can reproduce the surrounding terrain and objects with high precision.

underwater-2615376 (1).png