Industry Application

Underwater detection

The USV powered by MarineTensorTM can automatically navigate to the designated operation site as planned, and complete underwater close-range detection, auto identification, or operation by sonar scanning or releasing and controlling underwater operation devices (e.g. sensors, ROV). It can be applied in underwater species distribution evaluation, aquaculture status monitoring, searching and positioning of underwater objects (e.g. ghost gears), and underwater facility observation and evaluation.

Water monitoring and rescue

As per the designated route and schedule, the USV powered by MarineTensorTM can complete its patrol task in a certain area. Coupling with the water quality monitor and the AI identification system, the USV can assist the operator in spotting abnormalities, such as illegal ship or swimmer invasion, pollution discharge or oil spill, changes in water quality and underwater conditions. Optionally, the USV can complete water rescue if carrying emergency rescue kits.

Underwater detection

The sonar-carrying USV can navigate as per preset route and detect underwater terrains and landforms. With Marine Thinking Inc.’s dynamic straight-line navigation and 3D digital restructuring engine of underwater environment, we can reproduce the underwater terrains and landforms with high precision.


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