Ready to launch with real-time optical, thermal, and sonar imaging, Guardian USV (uncrewed surface vessel) is optimized to support a wide range of search and rescue (SAR) efforts. Powered by Marine Tensor™, the USV’s waterjet propulsion system and bow thrusters can autonomously navigate obstacles and tight spaces to reach rescue targets as far as 10 km away.

Upon arrival, the onboard lifebuoy can be remotely deployed for direct assistance and tow the target to an assigned destination. Its onboard 2-way communication system ensures the target can stay in constant contact with the operator.

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Quick Look

A lifeline at a Critical Moment

Guardian USV features a dedicated lifebuoy system. The tethered lifeline may be remotely deployed by the operator, providing greater aid to a rescue target who may require assistance securing the lifebuoy. Once safely secured, Guardian can autonomously tow the target to its pre-assigned destination.

To support search and rescue (SAR) missions involving multiple rescue targets, Guardian features two safety grab that are securely attached to each hull. The total towing capacity of Guardian can support up to 180 kg of reserve buoyancy.

Talk. Listen. Save.

Guardian USV is equipped with dedicated onboard communication system. Once initial contact is made, operators can stay in real-time communication with the rescue target during the most critical stage of the rescue mission and continuously monitor their condition.

Supported by 4G Band 3 (1800 MHz) and 3GPP Band 8 (900 MHz), never worry about losing signal – even at distances as far as 10 km away from the target.

Pivot on a Dime

To meet the challenging environmental demands of search and rescue missions, Guardian USV is equipped with a waterjet propulsion system and dual bow thrusters. Whether its navigating around debris or through tight passages, the search and rescue USV can autonomously assess its environment, calculate the optimal navigation path, and perform precise maneuvers in real-time.