Autonomous Subsea Survey with Acadia USV in Partnership with Halifax Port Authority

By Published On: September 1, 2023Categories: News

Marine Thinking, the Canadian leader in Autonomous Technology, showcased technological advances in Autonomous Uncrewed Surface Vessels in the Halifax Harbour on Friday, 25th of August.  

Our Acadia RHIB (Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat) was mobilized in partnership with the Halifax Port Authority to complete a sub-sea infrastructure scan of Piers 20, 21, and 22. This survey is part of the Port of Halifax’s commitment to net-zero emissions, with our Acadia RHIB being a perfect fit for the survey. Outfitted with advanced multibeam sonar and a fully electric motor, it is quieter than traditional gas-powered motors and does not emit any pollutants into the surrounding environment. 


Powered with Marine Tensor™, an intelligent autonomous boat navigation system, the survey was fully automated, with an operator onboard for navigation data analysis. This futuristic approach when compared to traditional surveys is more beneficial due to its efficiency, accuracy, and more importantly, without risking the safety of divers in the ocean for inspections. Additionally, not having to rely on specialized personnel means that surveys can be completed more frequently, ahead of maintenance works, and streamline tasks that require immediate attention with less overhead. 

The survey data collected will be sent to an onshore data centre in real-time and provide the Halifax Port Authority with valuable insights into the existing state of the seawall infrastructures and seabed elevations. The Halifax Port’s operations teams will leverage the information to address future maintenance and project planning. It is our hope that with the success of this survey, our technology will be further adopted by the marine industry.   

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