Marine Thinking and NORBIT Subsea Conduct Joint Autonomous Hydrographic Survey of Halifax Harbour at COVE Demo Day 2024

By Published On: June 5, 2024Categories: News

In a showcase of technical integration and advanced operational efficiency, Marine Thinking and NORBIT Subsea performed an autonomous hydrographic survey of the Halifax Harbour at COVE Demo Day.

The live demonstration combined Marine Thinking’s autonomous navigation technology (Marine Acadia™ USV/RHIB powered by the Marine Tensor™ control and communication system) with NORBIT’s pole-mounted iWBMSh stabilised wide band multibeam sonar system as integrated payload. By delivering a viable, streamlined, and cost-effective solution, both companies have demonstrated a commercial path for marine surveyors to automate bathymetric surveys for greater efficiency, accuracy, and work safety.


The entire 15-minute showcase was conducted remotely from the shoreline. Marine Tensor™ would oversee navigation control while NORBIT’s Data Collection Tool (DCT) software would manage and monitor the bathymetric survey in real-time.

To create the survey area, the surveyor used the DCT interface to set the first and last survey lines. Upon reaching the first line, the DCT automatically began to record the survey data. The corresponding imaging data was transmitted back to the DCT in real-time, allowing the survey to monitor survey progress and data quality. To ensure comprehensive data collection, the surveyor could also adjust multiple sonar settings on the fly – swath coverage, frequency, display options, etc.

Based on swath coverage and overlap settings, each survey line/GPS waypoint was automatically generated and transmitted to Marine Tensor™ for autopilot navigation. Marine Tensor™ autonomously controlled the USV’s propulsion and steering systems in real-time while providing the communication infrastructure to support remote control and sonar data monitoring.

In connection with the Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia (OTCNS)’s H2O Home to Overseas Conference, COVE Demo Day delivers a high-quality production showcasing the best marine innovation and research. The event features interactive and engaging demonstrations from world-leading marine technology innovators, all on-site at COVE.