Ghost Gear Digital Tracking and Retrieval Using AI/ML

Published On: January 12, 2023Categories: ,

Lost fishing gear, often referred to as “ghost gear,” is one of the most common types of marine litter inhabiting our oceans. Ghost gear presents a danger to the mortality of marine life, as well as to the safe navigation of marine vessels. These ghost gear situations are typically caused by accidental severing of lines due to marine traffic, or inclement weather affecting the operator’s ability to retrieve it.

The Ghost Gear Fund looks to technology solutions to prevent this marine litter from polluting Canada’s oceans. Marine Thinking contributed to the project fund by supporting activities related to both ghost gear retrieval and prevention. Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) made this project possible with their sponsorship and support.

As a contracted service provider for an Atlantic Canadian fishing association, Marine Thinking used remote operated vessels (ROV) to successfully find and identify lost fishing gear in lobster fishing areas (LFA) 36 and 37.

In 2023, Marine Thinking will enter the second phase of its lobster trap tracker pilot project, which will digitally track the last known GPS position of each trap and utilize sonar imaging to help retrieve the fishing gear. This technology will reduce the prevalence of lost gear while helping the fishing industry transition to ropeless fishing. The trackers are scheduled to be released in lobster fishing areas (LFAs) 33 and 34.

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