Hydrography: Wastewater Survey Using Tracer USV in New Brunswick, Canada

Published On: January 18, 2023Categories: ,

Wastewater management facilities provide a vital service for our communities. Serving every household and business, the industry implements monitoring procedures to ensure continuous operation. One critical monitoring activity is regularly recording and analyzing sediment data. By determining how much waste material is accumulating throughout the lagoon, facilities can manage treatment with greater efficiency.

As part of Divetech Ltd.’s contracted service to a wastewater management facility in New Brunswick, the company utilized our Tracer USV to perform hydrography missions for two large wastewater lagoons.

At only 0.83 m and powered by Marine Tensor™, the ultra-portable USV autonomously scanned the lagoon in an operator-assigned navigation pattern, collecting sediment data using its built-in sonar sensors. The detailed bathymetry maps and data reports included information such as depths, sediment areas, and associated volumes.

By using Tracer, the operator was able to automate the hydrography survey process – reducing time and exposure to any environmental risks.

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