Marine Tracer™ USV for Underwater Search and Recovery

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Advancing Body Detection with Automated Efficiency

The greatest factor in any search and recovery mission is time. Although search operatives are highly trained, missions still require pre-planning, lead time, and significant resources. Marine Tracer™ uncrewed surface vessel (USV) optimizes underwater search missions with enhanced speed, safety, and efficiency while minimizing resource requirements and risk to personnel.  

Automate the Search Process

With a few simple button presses, Marine Tracer™ automates the search process by combining sonar detection with programmable search patterns and autopilot navigation.  

From start to finish, a single Marine Tracer™ can autonomously search 1,200 m² in 10 minutes.*

Waypoint navigation is based on GNSS coordinates, allowing Marine Tracer™ to expedite popular search methods (e.g., grid, spiral, etc.) with minimal overlap and maximum safety.  

With an operating range of up to 2 km, a single operator can conduct multi-hour search missions in diverse water conditions (e.g., temperature, turbidity, chemical properties, depth range, etc.). The onboard optical camera ensures operators have full situational awareness throughout the mission. This level of efficiency can be easily scaled up by adding multiple USVs to the search party. 

Observe and Identify Search Targets in Real-time

With built-in side scan, down scan, and dual frequency sonar options, Marine Tracer™ supports up to 23 m / 75 ft (@ 1075-1150 kHz) and 146 m / 480 ft (@455 kHz), respectively. 

Using the screen share feature, onsite and offsite personnel can simultaneously observe footage in real-time to immediately identify potential search targets.** Additional detection features include ability to zoom in and adjust sonar frequency on the fly for greater clarity and detail.  

Once a potential target has been identified, their exact location can be tagged with GNSS coordinates for the Underwater Recovery Team (URT) to investigate. 

From Car to Water in Seconds  

At only 0.83 m (32.6 in) and less than 12.2 kg (27 lb), Marine Tracer™ can be quickly launched in water as shallow as 10 inches. This compact and portable design provides search teams with maximum safety and flexibility when faced with challenging site conditions.

A Zero Emission Solution

While many waterways prohibit the use of gas-powered vehicles, Marine Tracer™ is an all-electric vessel. The USV produces zero emission while supporting up to 5.5 hours of continuous search on a single charge.          

A Transformative Next Step for Search and Recovery

Underwater search and body recovery relies on responders to plan and execute on an on-call basis with minimal lead time. The automated efficiency of Marine Tracer™ USV gives personnel the critical speed, accuracy, and safety to search large water areas for missing individuals. Confirmed by sonar data in real-time, URTs can now target and investigate specific locations with greater certainty.

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*Based on 5 meter line spacing and 0.8 m/s speed.

** Internet/data-connected PC or mobile device required for screen sharing.

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