Marine Tensor™

Marine Tensor™ is an AI-driven control and communication system that provides intelligent performance and self-operation capabilities to crewed and uncrewed surface vessels (USV).

Introducing Marine Tensor™

Developed exclusively by Marine Thinking, Marine Tensor™ utilizes AI recognition, machine learning, and in-depth analysis of multiple sensor inputs such as optical, LiDAR, radar, and sonar to create full situational awareness of its environment in real-time. Its AI algorithm processes the collective data to calculate the optimal operational strategy to complete the mission task assigned by the control system.

Autonomous Navigation

Autopilot Navigation

Set your target locations and Marine Tensor™ will calculate and implement the optimal navigation strategy.

Obstacle Detection & Avoidance

Automatically detect obstacles, adjust course, and return-to-route in real-time without any risk to the mission.

Object Recognition & Tracking

Identify objects of interest and track their position in real-time.

Multi-tiered communication

AI & Machine Learning Capability


As an interoperability solution, Marine Tensor™ can serve as a central connection hub to uncrewed crafts above (UAV), below (ROV & AUV), and at surface level (USV). Utilizing its AI algorithms to automatically process and share data in real-time, the Marine Tensor™ architecture is designed to support multiple data sources simultaneously.

Sensor Fusion

Construct a highly detailed maps of the environment and identify objects of interest by combining data sets from a wide range of sensor technologies, including sonar, radar, LiDAR, optical, and thermal.

With full situational awareness of the vessel’s position and direction, Marine Tensor™ can continuously calculate and implement the optimal navigation strategy to complete its task.

remote payload Release

Whether it is an emergency situation or a routine task, remotely deliver important payloads to an assigned target location with pinpoint accuracy.