Whether at the naval design, marine engineering, or post-manufacturing stage, transform your workboats, USVs, and vessels by integrating our autonomous performance features. Delivered through Tensor Kit, our full suite of features are flexible, tangible, and cost-effective.  

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Integrated Design Examples

Discover our Integrated Design Showcase where we present real-world examples to illustrate the swift and effective application of our technology in maritime operations.

Marine Acadia™

Marine Acadia™ is a 5 meter rigid inflatable boat featuring remote control and autonomous navigation.

Marine Tracer™

Marine Tracer™ is a highly portable, single-operator 0.83 m USV with integrated sonar and autopilot.

Marine Guardian™

Marine Guardian™ is a 2.05 meter uncrewed surface vessel (USV) optimized for Search and Rescue (SAR).