Powered by Marine Tensor™

Marine Tracer™ is a portable, single operator USV (uncrewed surface vessel) combining compact form factor with real-time imaging and autonomous navigation for a variety of marine applications.

Ready to launch in seconds, Marine Tracer™ can target multiple destinations with precise accuracy, perform underwater SONAR scans, and deploy three unique payloads in a single route.


Quick Look

Featuring a built-in optical camera, side scan SONAR, RADAR modem, and GNSS integration, this lightweight and eco-friendly vessel can be programmed and launched in seconds — ready to tackle a mission as far as 1 km from its operator.


  • Dimensions: 0.83 x 0.52 x 0.30 m

  • Weight: 11.5 kg

  • Speed: 1.47 knots (operational), 2.72 knots (maximum)

  • Endurance: 5 hours (operational), 40 hours (standby)

  • Waterproof Rating: IP56

  • Integrated Dual Payload Compartments with Adjustable Release Rates

  • Tow and Release System


Small Size. Big Possibilities.


Scientific Research

Environmental Monitoring




Port & Infrastructure Inspection


Aquaculture & Fisheries

Search & Rescue


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Compact Form Factor

From Car to Water in Seconds

At only 0.83 m and 11.5 kg, Marine Tracer™ utilizes a compact design that excels in fast-paced environments and gives you the flexibility to hit the water at a moment’s notice. Unlike other USV vessels, you can launch Marine Tracer™ in water levels as shallow as 10 inches, eliminating the need of a dedicated docking area or team.  


Autonomous Navigation

Adaptable. Repeatable. Precise.

Marine Tracer™ is powered by Marine Tensor™, Marine Thinking’s AI-based intelligent navigation system for the autonomous navigation and operation of USVs. 

Using simple and intuitive touchscreen controls, quickly and easily pre-set multiple target locations for a single route. Once set, Marine Tensor™ autonomously calculates and implements the optimal navigation strategy to successfully complete your mission.

Unexpected environmental changes? No problem. Switch to manual control to at any time. Once course corrected, switch back to autonomous navigation and return to the mission route. 

Untitled design.gif

Real-Time Imaging

Perspective is Everything


  • FHD 1080p Video Capture and Display

  • 120° Field of View

  • Dual 400 Lumen Lights

Watch each mission unfold in real-time from three simultaneous data displays. Capture, record, and play back hours of FHD mission footage - safely secured in a IP56-rated waterproof hull.

Use the screen share feature to collaborate with team members and let them watch the mission play out in real-time.


  • Side Scan Imaging
    Depth (Down Imaging): 75 ft (1075-1150 kHz), 480 ft (455 kHz)
    Range (Side Imaging): 75 ft (1075
    -1150 kHz), 480 ft (455 kHz)

  • Up to 86° of Coverage

  • Temperature Sensor

Mission Viewer

  • Interactive Touchscreen

  • Picture-in-picture Display Options

  • 4D Mission Log with Path History

Tracer payload.gif

Remote Payload Release

Deliver Anywhere, Anytime

Marine Tracer™ features a dedicated tow and release system, giving operators the ability to make important payload deliveries during trips. The autonomous USV can transport a wide range of floatable materials and remotely deploy them with pinpoint accuracy and precise timing.


Lighthouse Partnership Program

At Marine Thinking, we believe technology can drive innovation and create endless possibilities. But it also needs purpose and direction to truly make a difference in the world.

The Lighthouse Partnership Program strives to work with organizations across a variety of disciplines and ensure our products meet the needs of those in the marine sector — academia, scientific research, and commercial applications. 


Your participation will help us make Marine Tracer™ the go-to portable USV solution. 

Lighthouse Partnership Program Benefits

  • Direct communication with Marine Thinking R&D Team

  • Feedback and troubleshooting

  • Suggested functions for future development 

  • Special partnership pricing

  • Onsite support service (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick only)

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